JEWELS Inclusive School

School Director

Mrs. Shuli Bamberger

Emerald Rm

Ruby Room 


Emerald Room 


Pearl Room 


Sapphire Room 


Diamond Room 

JEWELS School, Jewish Education Where Every Level Succeeds, is a creative and innovative school enabling Jewish children with developmental disabilities to be educated alongside typically developing peers in their community. Until five years ago, local children with more severe special needs had no choice but to attend public schools or non-Jewish private placements in order to receive appropriate education and therapy services. JEWELS opened its doors in September 2012 with two classes and thirteen students. In just five years, the school has grown to five classes servicing 40 children, and obtained its MSDE Accreditation as a Preschool.  Additionally, JEWELS established an accredited therapy clinic that provides therapeutic support for our students as well as outpatient community needs.

JEWELS’ mission is to provide a Jewish education for children of all abilities with an emphasis on the integration and custom-tailored learning experience for children with or without special needs.  Children receive the most beneficial academic, social, and life skills necessary for future success in a loving and supportive Jewish setting. JEWELS provides a strong school program as well as a pediatric therapy center, enabling children with developmental disabilities and/or developmental delays to have all their educational and therapy needs met in one location. Our staff is comprised of dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping all children. Our success is achieved through small classes, custom-tailored curricula, typically developing peer models, and all with lots of love.

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