Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists

Hadassah Brodie MS, CCC/SLP
Etka Cohen MS,CCC/SLP
Goldie Gross, MS, CCC/SLP
Chavie Hopfer MS,CCC/SLP
Malka Rosinsky, MS, CCC/SLP
Cheryl Schabes MS,CCC/SLP

  • Receptive language skills-understanding and following directions
  • Sound production-articulation
  • Expressive language skills-putting words together, naming objects, talking about events
  • Pragmatics-eye contact, rules of conversation
  • Voice-quality, volume, pitch
  • Fluency-speed of speech and stuttering
  • Augmentative and assistive communication-sign language, communication boards, electronic systems
  • Oral motor skills
  • Feeding skills

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