JEWELS Pediatric Therapy Clinic

Therapy Coordinator

Carin Feldman MS,CCC/SLP

The JEWELS Pediatric Therapy Clinic welcomes children and youth, through age 21 into an enjoyable, kid-friendly environment, where therapy is both fun and rewarding! Our staff of highly-qualified pediatric therapists offers a multitude of services, including physical, occupational and speech therapies all at one location! Our therapists are trained to evaluate clients and establish individualized goal-oriented therapy programs.

When a child comes to JEWELS for therapy, an evaluation may be conducted to identify strengths and areas of improvement, in order to establish the appropriate goals and treatment plan. Therapeutic exercises in pediatrics typically take the form of structured play activities to accomplish specific objectives, while maintaining a child’s attention and motivation. Our treatment plan for each child also includes parent instruction and consultation with your child’s team of professionals to help your child reach their full potential.

Since JEWELS offers so many therapy options, it is easy for therapists to work cooperatively and meet your child’s needs, all in one convenient location. Additionally, children who attend the JEWELS School (ages 2 through 9 years old) can receive therapy services during their regular preschool day. Children who do not attend the school and adolescents through age 21 are also always welcome to benefit from the comprehensive services offered at the JEWELS Pediatric Therapy Clinic.




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