JEWELS Inclusive School

Our child-centered program nurtures each child by offering focused, meaningful instruction that is developmentally appropriate. Attention is given to the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of all children. The classroom utilizes a multi-sensory approach to learning, incorporating sensory activities daily. Each classroom uses an age appropriate MSDE approved curriculum, developed with the whole child in mind. We adapt and modify curricula to individual needs, in accordance with core standards. 

With the aid of experienced teachers and the availability of on-site pediatric therapists, the children are motivated and challenged to fulfill their full potential. 

Ruby Room
Inclusive 2-year-olds

Maximum Class Size: 10 Students

Teacher-to-Student Ratio: 1-3

Curriculum: Creative Curriculum


Our Ruby class uses a play learning approach, which includes multiple learning centers to foster the development of language, social, gross and fine motor skills. The activities are built around the toddlers' limitless curiosity. Through play and song, and multi-sensory experiences, our class learns and explores together in a warm and fun environment.

Emerald Room

Inclusive 3-year-olds

Maximum Class Size: 10 Students

Teacher-to-Student Ratio: 1-3

Curriculum: Creative Curriculum and Investigator Club


Our Emerald class focuses on fostering independence, curiosity, and a love for learning through a diversified curriculum and exciting, novel approaches to instruction. Creativity is encouraged and celebrated with music, art and sensory materials.  Special educators provide the children with opportunities for both shared and independent learning experiences. As these young children are blossoming in their academic achievements, great emphasis is placed on social and personal development, creating foundations for the future.

Pearl Room

Inclusive 4-5-year-olds

Maximum Class Size: 8 Students

Teacher-to-Student Ratio: 1-3

Curriculum: Investigator Club, My Math and Stern Math, Yesodos Kriah Program


Our Pearl class introduces pre-reading, writing, and math skills. Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking curricula are are taught through group play activities in order to increase students' awareness of their emotions and how their actions impact others. Our teachers adapt and break down academic tasks and provide individual attention suited to each child's unique needs. Our classroom’s blend of learning and fun is designed to make our children into lifelong learners.

Diamond Room

Integrated 6-9-year-olds

Maximum Class Size: 8 Students

Teacher-to-Student Ratio: 1-2

Curriculum: My Math and Stern Math, N2Y, Fundations, Yesodos Kriah Program


Our Diamond class consists of children with developmental disabilities. Experienced and highly trained special educators focus on customizing a multi- sensory approach to education. Academic skills include: pre-reading/reading, writing, and math skills with many opportunities for one on one learning. The Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking programs are taught to increase social and emotional awareness and competency to succeed in school, home and in the community. The highly personalized nature of this class paves the way for future success. 

Satellite Program

Integrated 8-11-year-olds

Hosted in Bais Yaakov and TA

Maximum Class Size:5 Students

Teacher-to-Student Ratio: 1-2/3

Curriculum: My Math and Stern Math, N2Y, Fundations, Yesodos Kriah Program


Our satellite classes are hosted in our local day schools allowing the children to enjoy the benefits of social interactions with typical peers. The satellite classes are comprised of elementary school children with developmental disabilities. JEWELS students benefit from self-contained classes providing special instruction and JEWELS therapy services. Our academic instruction is highly individualized, goal based, and data driven. Our weekly Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking groups give the children important practical skills for handling their emotions and increasing social competency in the “real world”. This unique program affords the students the opportunity to join in typical classes for minor subjects and special activities, while still receiving the benefits of a JEWELS education.