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JEWELS Inclusive School

JEWELS' mission is to provide a Jewish education for children of all abilities with an emphasis on the integration and custom-tailored learning experience for children with or without special needs.


JEWELS Inclusive School

JEWELS School, Jewish Education Where Every Level Succeeds, is a creative and innovative school, led by Mrs. Shuli Bamberger, enabling Jewish children with developmental disabilities to be educated alongside typically developing peers in their community. Children receive the most beneficial academic, social, and life skills necessary for future  success in a loving and supportive Jewish setting. JEWELS provides a strong school program as well as a pediatric therapy center, enabling children with developmental disabilities and/or developmental delays to have all their educational and therapy needs met in one location. Our staff is comprised of dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping all children. Our success is achieved through small classes, a custom-tailored educational program, typically developing peer models, and all with lots of love.

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